Kasper & Richter Alpin PRO Prismatic Map Compass


Kasper & Richter Alpin PRO Prismatic Map Compass


Kasper and Richter made the Alpin PRO Sighting Map Compass with a flip-up prism optic, so you can either use this compass like a standard baseplate with a two-degree resolution rotating bezel, or you can flip up and take a direct bearing reading off of the internal compass card with one-degree resolution and half-degree accuracy. The thermo-elastic capsule flexes so it won't accumulate bubbles when the temperature changes or develop hairline cracks if you accidentally drop the Alpin PRO Compass. Use the clinometer on the reverse side to figure out slope degrees when you're ski touring. *Nylon carry case included.

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High-quality Prismatic Compass with foldable prism determine you course and counter course with an accurary of 0,5°!!!

  • Made in Germany
  • Transparent plastic base with rubber feet
  • High power magnifying lens (18 Dpt.)
  • Holes for markings (circle and triangle)
  • Long guiding edges in mm and inches
  • Plan display/ruler in 1:25.000; 1:50.000 and 1:63.300
  • Direction markings luminescent
  • Luminescent rotary scale ring (marking fpr everey 2 degrees)
  • High-quality thermo-elastic fluid capsule
  • Sapphire bedded compass dial 360°
  • 360° counter-course/64`mils
  • Angel of inclination scale -90° – 90°
  • High-quality nylon-bag
  • Reflecting Lanyard

Unit size 105 x 62 x 15 mm
Weight 48 g

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