Peak Anastigmat Loupe 4x

Peak Anastigmat Loupe 4x

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Anastigmatic magnifiers are the ideal tool for all applications requiring a large field of view in addition to perfectly distortion-free, true-colour images. The scales are contained in a plastic ring and can be removed simply. These magnifiers are coated to prevent reflection.

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The optical system of the PEAK 1990-4 Anastigmatic measuring magnifier consists of two groups of three elements each. It offers images with correct colour, absolutely sharp edges and extremely high contrast over the entire visible surface. The image perceived through this magnifier is particularly sharp from the centre of the image to the edge, because the magnifier has been subjected to careful optical correction to eliminate all aberration and distortion. Conventional magnifiers are corrected only in the centre of the image. This magnifier is similar to an anastigmatic lens in a camera and produced with the same care and precision. One aspect that differentiates the lens in a magnifier from a camera lens is the effective pupil of the magnifier located 25 mm below the upper pole of the magnifier, so that an observer can evaluated the entire image field by moving only his eye rather than his head. In addition to classical applications such as checking images, printing and slides or measuring lengths and distances up to 40 mm, the 1990-4 anastigmatic magnifiers (measuring range 60 mm) and 1990-7 anastigmatic magnifiers (measuring range 40 mm) are used for checking items such as X-ray films or in the field of dermatology.

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