Suunto Arrow 30 Compass

Suunto Arrow 30 Compass

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The Suunto Arrow 30 Compass is a very fast compass that is also very stable. It’s the ideal choice for adventure racing and mountain marathons where you want more from a compass than a thumb compass can offer with greater accuracy but still with a level of simplicity.

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The base plate has a large travel arrow and has been kept uncluttered from various scales that are found on other compasses, simplicity is often key when racing. The base also has a large magnifying lens along with two shaped holes so control points can be marked on the map. In use the needle will come to rest very fast and will remain reasonably stable when being used on the move. This is all due to it being broader and having dual jewel bearing.

Suunto Arrow 30 Compass Features

  • Dual and jewel bearing
  • Twin magnets
  • Fast and wide plastic needle
  • Baseplate with magnifying lens
  • Control marking holes
  • Extremely fast setting steady needle
  • Comes with lanyard
  • Available for northern hemisphere only

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