Suunto Arrow 6 Compass

Suunto Arrow 6 Compass

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The Suunto Arrow 6 Thumb Compass is a superb compass for orienteering. This lightweight compass is used on the left hand and is used in conjunction with the map to provide a quick magnetic north reference as you thumb your way along.

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A wide needle is common for this type of compass as it has greater stability and will come to rest a lot quicker than the needle on a standard base plate compass. Metric scales on the compass are in mm and cm so you can quickly work out distances, though there aren’t any numbers as the idea is that you look at the compass quickly, it’s more of a working aid than an accurate measure.

Suunto Arrow 6 Thumb Compass Features

  • Twin magnets
  • Fast and wide plastic needle
  • Dual and jewel bearing
  • Rotating capsule
  • Extremely fast setting steady needle
  • Metric scales cm

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