Viking 4×12 Monocular

Viking 4×12 Monocular

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The Viking Monocular 4 x 12 is a great, lightweight and compact monocular. The Viking Monocular is able to focus at close range (under 1m) enabling a detailed viewing of insects like butterflies and dragonflies without disturbing them. It also features fold down eyecups for spectacle wearers as well as innovative coated optics which prevent internal reflection. The prevention of internal reflection in the Viking Monocular produces a more contrasted image and increases light transmission. An excellent Monocular for all purposes.

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The Viking 4×12 monocular is both high quality and ultra portable making it a fantastic accessory for any walk or hike. Weighing just 70g and measuring only 6.5cm in length, it is one of the smallest and lightest monoculars on the market today. These unique features make the monocular pocket sized and also easy to hold, thus avoiding any fatigue common when using heavier optics for long periods of time. The combination of a very low power 4x magnification and substantial 12mm objective lens means the monocular has a best in class close focus functionality which allows you to focus on objects under 1m away. This makes the monocular ideal for watching in stunning detail butterflies, dragonflies and other insects that maybe in close proximity to you. Studded gripping is wrapped around the centre of the monocular giving it added grip thus making it easier to hold even with gloves on. This monocular is ideal for use by people of all ages due to its lightweight credentials. Also, thanks to its close focus functionality, it is ideally suited for any form of nature watching (birds, insects etc.) just pop it in your pocket and you are off!

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