Viking clear plastic linen tester

Viking clear plastic linen tester

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Made from clear plastic with the Viking logo printed.

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• 7x magnification
• 25mmx25mm
• cut out readings in metric and imperial

Known also as Stitch Counters and Linen Checkers, Linen Testers, as the name suggests, were first introduced to assist in the textile trade. When open, the cut out square on the base is marked along all four sides in Imperial and Metric scales. This enables the number of threads and weave to be counted to the inch (or centimetre) and therefore to determine the quality and strength of the material. More recently they are used extensively in the print trade and photography, to test the quality of the paper and the pixels respectively. A Linen Tester is also the most useful type of Magnifier for looking at watermarks, stamp perforations etc.

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